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Basic with creative twists.

life is a journey, full of pictures, places, stories
and good tasting recipes.

Greyhound Cafe Vietnam signature dishes

Just like Bangkok, Greyhound Café offers a taste of modern contradictions & chilli fish sauce, flair with creative chaos where east meets west, traditional meets international, street meets couture, all fused together in a beautiful chaotic way. Greyhound Café is Modern Bangkok on the plates for you to explore and enjoy.


life is a journey,
full of pictures, places, stories and good tasting recipes.

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Greyhound Cafe’s Signature Dishes

We are Thai at heart but our food concept is anything but traditional.  Ideas inspired from Bangkok’s street, that mid-night treats, those flavors from the journeys far and wide, and good old recipes passing down from the grandmothers had been plated up into a simple yet interesting dish made with the best local ingredients sorted.  Eat like Thai to be more Thai.  We, Thai, like to order dishes to share in the middle for the variety of flavor so take this chance to share those plates and explore the Bangkokians’ favorite taste with us!


Let’s wine and dine!

To our fine wine enthusiasts out there, On August 6th, Greyhound Cafe and Les Celliers d’ Asie & Red Apron will join together in a special event with wine and food – “with a twist”! Dishes that are skillfully twisted and turned from our high-end ingredients namely U.S Rib-eyes beef, Kurabuta pork, Natual brown rice-fed […]



Just like in Bangkok, the menu dishes at Greyhound Café Vietnam offer a combination of media and modernity; sophistication with a creative combination of Thai dishes and dishes from the East and the West; between tradition and internationally; between street flavors and upscale restaurants; it all unites in a special way that only Greyhound Café […]




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