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Fresh Coconut Makes Real Flavor

Today, we want to share with you Hound’s Quality standard coconut. Ever wonder what our chefs do with the coconuts after receiving them? In order to clearly visualize and understand the process step by step, we have made an appointment with Chef Som-Sasikan Wongwisiyawan,- Greyhound Cafe Pastry Chef, to explain and demonstrate how to handle coconut from the beginning until ready to serve.

Warning: For who likes dessert, please prepare yourself cause after reading this you will definitely want to enjoy the coconut dessert menu at Greyhound Cafe. 

The first step is separate coconut water

Cut coconut before peeling the coconut meat for further use in menus

Chef Citrus, slowly using the spoon to pull the coconut meat one by one calmly

Dealing with each coconut is a detailed task, the chef must be meticulous and spend a lot of time, the chef must gradually use a spoon to scoop the coconut meat one by one. After getting the coconut meat, it’s not over yet, because the coconut meat still has the peel attached. The next step, the chef must use a knife gradually, cut out all the fleshy skins until only pure coconut meat remains.

Chef must use a knife gradually cut out the peel from the coconut meat completely.

Smooth coconut meat that has all been peeled off 

Sliced ​​coconut kept for use on popular menus like Tub Tim Krob and Sakoo Piek

Sliced ​​coconut is used in crepes and used to make coconut ice cream.

Compare clearly again between the sliced ​​coconut and 2 slices this is the two main styles used at Greyhound Cafe.

Aside from 2 types of coconut meat that fans The dessert menu at Greyhound Cafe should already be familiar. Another important thing that is indispensable is “Coconut milk”  which the coconut milk used in Greyhound Cafe. We also don’t use ready-made coconut milk either. Must be fresh coconut milk only It has a strong flavor, fragrant and unique, which makes many people are fascinated. Chef Som also educated the team about the acquisition of coconut milk that is different from the use of coconut meat that requires young coconut. For milk requires  the coconut older.  

Fresh cream from coconut milk: the secrets of the aroma in the dessert menu at Greyhound Cafe

Let’s make coconut ice cream with us !

Came to Greyhound Cafe’s central pastry kitchen, so we asked Chef Som to show us how to make a coconut menu. In which Chef Som selected the coconut ice cream menu to make the team watch every step. Beginning with measuring coconut water, fresh coconut milk, sugar, and  sliced ​​coconut meat. According to Greyhound Cafe’s unique recipe, the coconut milk used to make ice cream doesn’t use 100% coconut cream but about 70% coconut cream mixed with about 30% coconut milk to prevent the coconut milk from becoming too thick. When all the components are ready, bring to set the fire. Mix everything until homogeneous. Leave to cool for a moment and then blender in an ice cream blender. Just that, you will get the delicious coconut cream ice cream. Refrigerated and ready to be served for everyone to enjoy!

Chef Oranges measures coconut water that is needed to make coconut ice cream (According to the shop’s specific formula)

Fresh coconut milk, a key ingredient in the coconut ice cream at Greyhound Cafe.

Coconut meat cut into pieces is an important ingredient in making coconut ice cream too

When everything is ready, it’s time to put all the ingredients in the ice cream blender.

This is the finished ice cream texture, and now it’s ready to be chilled

Cold coconut ice cream is ready to serve

The 2 popular dessert of Greyhound Café:” Tub Tim Krob Greyhound Style” and ” Sakoo Piek ”

After learning how to make delicious coconut ice-cream of Greyhound Café.
We followed Chef Som to Greyhound Café the Emquartier branch, to learn how to make 2 famous dishes in the dessert menu with Greyhound Café’s coconut-based ingredients: “Tub Tim Krob Greyhound Style” and “Sakoo Piek.

For the first menu  Tub Tim Krob Greyhound Style “ that anyone who have tried, must fascinate what are the steps? Let me tell along with the picture.

Chilled Coconut Ice for the Tub Tim Krob Greyhound Style

Colorful ruby ​​frame Comes from plated truffle mixed with tapioca flour and boiled water

With sliced ​​coconut, we can soak it in the syrup to make it more sweet.

Finish the aroma with 2 tablespoons of fresh coconut milk. Who can resist?

Don’t waste time Let’s continue provoking  Sakoo Piek  continuously.

Our sago is boiled, add sugar, add small water chestnuts and butterfly pea juice.

The coconut that is used is the sliced ​​coconut which is soak it in syrup.

Scoop the coconut milk – sweet and fragrant into a cup straight away

End it with fresh coconut milk. “ Sakoo Piek ” is ready to be served.

Besides 2 delicious dessert coconuts above, the menu “Fresh Coconut Makes Real Flavor” has many other equally delicious dishes that customers should try. With the Hound’s Quality coconuts, we believe that you will definitely want to try one of them. In order to get a real coconut flavor, every component we are carefully selected

“Coconut Crepe Cake” with our signature cookies, don’t miss it

Mango sticky rice fans must hit this menu, “Sticky Rice Mango Parfait”. 

In the end, though we can confirm the quality or how appetizing the image is to be used. If you don’t try it by yourself, you won’t know. Let’s try it once. And will know what the true taste of food is cause the taste is not fooled together 🙂